Vacations & Weekends
Last Updated: 6/8/2019
The reason we work - to enjoy our time off together and with family and friends! An added perk is that we live in the middle of a vacation wonderland where we spend many weekends enjoying the outdoors. A few of our highlights from the past months (in reverse order).
Just after Memorial Day, we headed to the Florida Keys for a vacation. On our way to the Keys, we stopped in the Everglades for an air boat ride and to see some wildlife. Some of the things we did while we were in the keys were: enjoyed the beach, went on a wave runner tour, rented some kayaks and kayaked through some mangroves, went to Key West, went on a snorkel trip, saw some shows at Theater of the Sea, enjoyed some sunsets, and played in our pool. For pictures of this, click here.
Easter was very similar to Easters of years past. The day before Easter we spent some time coloring Easter eggs. The night before Easter, the Easter Bunny hid the girls baskets and eggs all over the house. Easter morning the girls had to find their baskets so they could then go fill them with eggs. Allison also made us an Easter cake for the season. For pictures of this, click here.
In April, Allison performed in the musical Willy Wonka Jr. at the Dickens Opera House. She was both Willy Wonka and the Candy Man. Her months of rehearsals paid off for her two performances. Since it was a licensed production, we were not able to take pictures during the performances. For pictures of this, click here.
Allison and Sydney celebrated their birthday with us again this year. Their day started out with some donuts picked up by Tami. After Brad got home from work, they got to open their presents. Then it was off to Benihana for some food cooked in front of us. Finally, we came back home and ate some wonderfully decorated cakes. No real pictures this year, other than of the girls and their cakes. For pictures of this, click here.
Sydney celebrated her birthday in February by taking some of her friends to a salon to get their nails, makeup, and hair done. Each girl got to pick what they wanted at each station. Sydney also made some decorations for her cupcakes that looked like nail polish bottles. She made those out of tootsie rolls and marshmallows. When the party was done, the girls looked like they were ready for a night out. For pictures of this, click here.
In February, Allison had a movie themed birthday party at our house. She prepared a concession stand with candy and many varieties of popcorn and toppings. She also decorated with a red carpet with stars for her friends. A backdrop for a "photo booth" was also put up for pictures with props. And, the movie that seemed appropriate to watch was "13 Going on 30". For pictures of this, click here.
This Halloween we did a few of our standard activities. This included going to the pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins, carving said pumpkins, and the girls going out trick-or-treating. This year, Allison was a couch potato, and Sydney was a lifeguard. For pictures of this, click here.
The kids had didn't have school for a couple of days in October, so we took a mini-vacation to Moab, UT. While there, we stayed in a camper because... why not? This is the second time we have been to Moab, but the kids were 4 the first time and didn't remember it. The first day we spent at Arches National Park. We managed to see most of the arches we wanted to see, and also had the chance to see the Delicate Arch at sunset. The next day, we went to the Needles section of Canyonlands National Park. None of us had every been there before, and we went on a gorgeous hike to Chelser Park overlook. The last day, we took a 4-wheel drive road to Gemini Arch, went to Dead Horse State Park, and went to the Islands in the Sky part of Canyonlands. It was a lot cooler that day, so the "hikes" were very short. For pictures of this, click here.
Allison was on the cross country team at her school again this year. The girls team usually did pretty well at the meets. At the state championship in October, they came in 4th. For pictures of this, click here.
This summer, Allison took an acting class, and went to a play-in-a-week camp. In the acting class, the class had some performances based on all the actresses in the class, and each actress did a monologue. For the camp, all the kids put on the "Sound of Music". It was quite impressive what all the kids could put together in a week. (If you do watch the videos, just so you know, the same actor didn't necessarily play the same character in each scene. That way they could spread around the opportunities). For pictures of this, click here.
This summer, Sydney was on a local swim team again. She was at the top of her age group this year. She had a great time at the meets she went to and usually did pretty good. She qualified for the invite at the end of the summer and ended up taking first in all of her events and being the highest scoring 11-12 year old girl at the meet. For pictures of this, click here.