Vacations & Weekends
Last Updated: 8/24/2018
The reason we work - to enjoy our time off together and with family and friends! An added perk is that we live in the middle of a vacation wonderland where we spend many weekends enjoying the outdoors. A few of our highlights from the past months (in reverse order).
This summer, Allison took an acting class, and went to a play-in-a-week camp. In the acting class, the class had some performances based on all the actresses in the class, and each actress did a monologue. For the camp, all the kids put on the "Sound of Music". It was quite impressive what all the kids could put together in a week. (If you do watch the videos, just so you know, the same actor didn't necessarily play the same character in each scene. That way they could spread around the opportunities). For pictures of this, click here.
This summer, Sydney was on a local swim team again. She was at the top of her age group this year. She had a great time at the meets she went to and usually did pretty good. She qualified for the invite at the end of the summer and ended up taking first in all of her events and being the highest scoring 11-12 year old girl at the meet. For pictures of this, click here.
In the beginning of June, Brad and Tami went to Idaho to check it out (since the girls were on a school trip to DC and NYC). While there, they spent some time time near Hailey and Boise. Hiking and biking were the main activities, along with some time just getting to know the cities. For pictures of this, click here.
This spring was a musical time for the girls. The had a piano recital and a beginning orchestra concert for school. If you would like to see/hear them, click the link. For pictures of this, click here.
Spring break fell the week before Easter this year. We chose to spend the week skiing at Steamboat Springs. Once we came back home for Easter, artwork was made on the driveway, eggs were colored, and baskets and eggs were found. For pictures of this, click here.
This winter, Sydney continued to be on a swim team. Overall she had a pretty good season. For pictures of this, click here.
Allison and Sydney celebrated their birthday with us again this year. Their day started out with some pancakes made by Tami. Later, they got to open their presents. We played a couple rounds of Watch Ya Mouth. Later in the day, we enjoyed many football snacks and watched the Super Bowl. For pictures of this, click here.
Sydney celebrated her birthday in February by taking some of her friends to Puzzah!. They tried to solve two different puzzles - and succeeded on one of them. They then went to Noodles and Company for some dinner and cupcakes. For pictures of this, click here.
In February, Allison had a birthday party at Loveland Laser Tag Fun Center. As part of her party package, her and her friends got to play 3 rounds of laser tag, and 1 round on the ropes course. The girls had a lot of fun on both activities and got significantly better at laser tag by round three. There was a lot of laughing, and an excessive amount of soda drunk. For pictures of this, click here.
This Christmas season was similar to those in the past. Frank the Elf showed up at our house this year to watch the kids (and just do his own thing). We also went to our neighborhood holiday party to see Santa. Unfortunately, the real Santa couldn't make it this year, but we enjoyed time with one of his helpers. And, of course, the kids (and the adults) enjoyed opening gifts Christmas morning. For pictures of this, click here.
This Halloween we did some of our standard activities. We went to a corn maze, carved some jack-o-lanterns, and the girls got dressed up for trick-or-treating. This year, Allison was a crazy cat lady, and Sydney was an emojii. For pictures of this, click here.
In October, the kids had off some days from school so we spent a long weekend in Estes Park. The night we got to the house, we had a small herd of elk walking through the neighborhood. The first full day there, we went to the YMCA of the Rockies to participate in their fall activities. Some things we did were: a hay ride, sack races, face painting, pine cone bird feeders, crafts, roller skating, bingo, shuffleboard, and ping pong. The first day was the favorite day for the kids! The next day we did a hike from Bear Lake to Cub Lake. You can see our track (if you have Google Earth) here. The last day we took a hike around Bierstadt Lake. That Google Earth track is here. On our way out of town we did some window shopping in Estes Park. Lastly, on our way back home we stopped by a pumpkin patch. For pictures of this, click here.
Allison decided to join Cross Country team this year. They had their first meet at the beginning of September. The girls team came in 2/9. Allison came in first on her team and 14/129 of all the middle school girls. She ran the 1.5 miles in 10:55 (a 7:17 minute mile). For pictures of this, click here.