Extended Family Moments
Last Updated: 10/20/2017
In this section of the website we would like to share with you some of our moments with our extended families. Below (in reverse chronological order) are some of our recent highlights.
In July, Tami's sister's family came to Colorado to vacation with us. We headed to a little area between Redstone and Marble, Colorado. We had a great time on vacation. We did some hiking (of course), and mountain biking, and rafting. We also had a double-elimination ping pong, and air hockey tournament. The kids organized a lip-sync battle that was a lot of fun (sorry no videos of the adults). Overall a very fun time. For pictures of this, click here.
We also went to see Brad's family for Christmas during December. His sister and her family also came to the house for Christmas. While there, we enjoyed some games, as well as watching some old family movies that had recently been converted to a more current format for viewing. For pictures of this, click here.
In December, we traveled back to the Midwest to have Christmas with Tami's side of the family. It was a fun time. We were able to be with most of Tami's siblings, as well as most nieces and nephews. Overall, everyone had a good time being with each other. For pictures of this, click here.
In November, one set of grandparents came out to visit. While they were here they did some typical fall weekend things. They went to a county park with Brad, watched Allison at a Gymnastics meet, and went to a state park with the whole family. While we weren't out-and-about, we were just hanging around enjoying each others company. For pictures of this, click here.