Extended Family Moments
Last Updated: 2/7/2019
In this section of the website we would like to share with you some of our moments with our extended families. Below (in reverse chronological order) are some of our recent highlights.
In late July, Brad's dad came out for a long weekend. While he was here, we celebrated his birthday, played some games like foosball and Scotland Yard, went to the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, went to an art festival, and played mini-golf. Overall it was a good time (except for maybe the part where we ate outside in the rain at Sydney's swim banquet). For pictures of this, click here.
In July, Tami's sister's family came out west to spend two weeks with us. Our vacation started at home with some swimming. We followed that up with a lip sync competition. We also had an orchestra concert, and a trip to a mountain bike park. Lastly, we enjoyed a local fireworks show. We then headed up to Centennial, Wyoming to spend time in the Snowy Mountain Range. While there, we did some hikes (which you can see the tracks of here if you have Google Earth - just download the file and open it), and enjoyed the scenery. We also visited a fish hatchery, did more biking, and the cousins had fun building a "camp" on the property of the house we were staying at. After our time away in Wyoming, we came back home for a day where there was more pool time, and some flying time for Kristiana and Shawn. For pictures of this, click here.